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My Statement to the Lafayette City Council on Gender Identity

Last night, the Lafayette City Council met to consider putting an amendment into the Lafayette Human Relations Ordinance. Some time ago, the city codified a “Human Relations Ordinance” to fight against discrimination in our town. It created a Human Relations Commission tasked with the job of investigating cases of discrimination in our city and offering suggestions and education to individuals and businesses found to be discriminatory.

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Elvis McNeely on Drupal

I just got a phone call from a guy in town whose name was so interesting I had to call him back. Anyway, Elvis of is a Drupal developer here in town who is hosting a Drupal Meetup and he wanted to know if I was interested in it.

I used to use drupal way back in the early days of our church planting adventure and you can still see the remnants of it at but I moved away from it because of frustrations with the platform.

Anyway, now that I know there are Drupal addicts here in town, I may take a second look at the platform and also make some friends in the process.

Looking forward to meeting you in person Elvis!

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