Helping People Resolve Conflict

When two people are in conflict with each other, bringing about resolution can be difficult. However, when two Christians are in conflict, the process of reconciliation should not be as hard as it is. In conflict situations, I like to ask a few questions: Describe all the sin in this conflict. Who has committed sin […]

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This morning, as research for my next sermon series, I watched Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous (a conflation of the terms “religious” and “ridiculous”) and wanted to post just a few thoughts here…

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Tangle Replaces GodTube

YouTube imitation site GodTube has rebranded itself as tangle and now is trying to imitate MySpace. I think I need to explore this more. After all, Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle seems to be using it, but I’m not sure what I think about it. Not only do I generally dislike Christian […]

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Today’s Tweets! ( 2009-03-06 )

<li>”Sitting in my Next Steps Coaching group… Thinking… stay tuned.” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>””1-1 discipleship is the underbelly of your ‘class’ system.”” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”The Ministry Flow: public services &gt; fish pool events &gt; small groups &gt; 1-1 discipleship” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Discipleship involves training people with specific outcomes in mind. What are the outcomes?” <a href=”″>#</a></li> […]

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Today’s Tweets! ( 2009-03-04 )

<li>@<a href=””>jasongordon</a> Hey, have you and Jason heard about the TEAMM pastor’s prayer breakfast tomorrow? <a href=”″>in reply to jasongordon</a> <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Today, I was asked to serve on the leadership team of our local association of Christian ministries! What an honor!” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>@<a href=””>jasongordon</a> It’s at 8:00 at the MCL Cafeteria on Sagamore […]

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Today’s Tweets! ( 2009-03-03 )

<li>@<a href=””>jasongordon</a> So what were the stats yesterday? Any new commitments? <a href=”″>in reply to jasongordon</a> <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”getting to work some more on the novel…” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>@<a href=””>jasongordon</a> Praise God! (don’t stop until it hits 88 mph!) <a href=”″>in reply to jasongordon</a> <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”I just finished my novel. Wanna buy a copy?” […]

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