Cooperation Makes for a Good Day

Found at this other blog. Quoting the original article: This unexpected, spontaneous, and scripted dance (aka Flash dance) was performed by over twenty thousand people. How did they do it? Planners recruited 800 people using Facebook and Twitter Choreographers taught a simple dance to these 800 “dancers” Dancers were planted amongst the crowd, who then […]

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“Our God” (a song)

For a couple weeks now, I have been dissatisfied with the modern worship songs we’ve been singing in our church. The music is great, the beats are fun, the lyrics are powerful, but honestly, they aren’t very deep. In particular, the majority of modern rock-style worship music puts God in the second person. Everything is […]

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The Power of the Cross

Oh to see the dawn of the darkest day. Christ on the road to Calvary. Tried by sinful men, torn and beaten then Nailed to a cross of wood. This the pow’r of the cross. Christ became sin for us. Took the blame, bore the wrath, We stand forgiven at the cross.

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“for the Bible tells me so” — documentary on homosexuality

UPDATE: This film has been posted to YouTube if you want to watch it. link Tonight, our life group skipped our normal routine to watch a documentary purportedly on the relationship between homosexuality and religion called For the Bible Tells Me So However, the documentary was actually on the relationship between homosexuality and the conservative/fundamentalist […]

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More on Homosexual Recovery

This week, CNN posted an article describing a recent report that attempts to help homosexuals “recover” do more harm than good. Since I wrote an article on this very topic (see Is There Recovery for the Homosexual?.), I thought it would be good to have a link to this new article here and to add […]

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Quick Study on the Rapture

This week at my Life Group, we looked at the clearest teaching in the Bible regarding the rapture, and I’ve become even more convicted about one particular position. This post is intended to guide you through the same study we considered this week and to give an inside track on what I’m currently thinking about […]

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Statement on Human Sexuality

Apparently, with the legal pressure provided by pro-homosexual lobbies, there is a threat that churches will be liable to lawsuits for anti-homosexual practices unless our position on the issue is clearly stated in religious terms. The recommendation is that we amend our statement of faith to describe our core convictions in this matter. Therefore, I’m […]

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