Boys and Girls Part 1

This past Sunday, I started a series of messages at Lafayette Community Church entitled “Born this Way” in which I intend to investigate the number of different Bible passages on gender issues.

The biggest problem for me was that for most of the week, I was wrestling with how to tackle the message. You see, there are a lot of controversial passages in the Bible when it comes to gender issues, and I always want to teach the Bible in a compelling, motivational way, and I am always cautious to teach in such a way that the contentious emotions can be defused. So I struggled with the message.

I actually had two different angles I could have gone with the message. One angle was to tackle the emotions by sharing personal stories in light of Genesis 1-3 and illustrating the beauty of our gender differences. The other angle was to survey the major passages in the Bible to get a comprehensive overview of its teaching.

The first option would have been shorter and easier, the second option felt more necessary. After talking with my wife, I agreed to go the second route. However, that meant I picked the more elaborate route. As it so happened, I completely ran out of time on Sunday and decided that I would post a few articles here to address what I couldn’t cover on Sunday.

I will separate them all into different posts based on the Bible passages, so stay tuned!

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