Harmony Not Unison

I have just finished my sermon series on gender issues in the Bible and how to understand the biblical teaching on the topic. If you want to hear the entire series, you can click here:


Now, I promised you that I would write some articles here regarding some of the most controversial passages in the Bible regarding gender, and as a matter of fact, I have addressed a good number of them in my four sermons on the topic, but in the process, I have not had the time to write up the articles I wanted to write.

I’m thinking I should probably take my notes from those messages and post some of their content here, but I can’t promise anything right now.

However, there’s one thing I wanted to post before the series is completely out of my head. It’s an analogy on gender from the world of music.

  • God wants male and female humans to live in harmony, not unison.
  • God is calling men to set the melody and women to create the harmony.
  • God is the bass notes with which the rest of the notes must agree.

Check out my video on the topic. Here’s the youtube clip. Skip to 8 minutes, and you’ll see me try to illustrate this with a piano!

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