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By the time we launched our financial campaign, we had already spent weeks in preparation for it. We held focus group meetings, we held campaign planning meetings, we had a Leadership Banquet to try to inspire the leaders of the church to take the lead in this financial campaign, but most of all, we had the joy of visiting with many families in their homes to talk through the implications of the campaign and their part of it.
Those meetings were refreshing and encouraging to me.
Time and time again, I spoke with families who were really excited about the future of the church. I heard both the enthusiasm and the impatience of people who were so eager to build a spiritual home for the spiritually homeless in this community that they were wanting to know how soon we could get into a new building. Of course, I told them that the timing was really up to God and to the level of commitment we got from our church family.
I was blown away by how positive people were about our church and about this campaign.
However, there was another theme that kept coming up. In every meeting, people were telling me that they really wanted the campaign to be a success and they really wanted to give significantly to the campaign, but they were facing the financial dilemmas of trying to figure out how much to give and how they could possibly make a commitment. (One family even told me that they would much rather give their student loan payments to the church instead of to the bank!)
I imagine that you are probably in the same position. Perhaps you also really want to make a contribution, but you just don’t know how to make that decision.
Well, I’m going to tell you what I told all of them. I’ve put together a document that is specifically designed to help you make your decision.
Even if you think you have already made a decision on your involvement to this campaign, let me encourage you to pray through the specific suggestions in this document and work through the worksheets at the back. In doing so, I believe God will help you get some clarity on what level of involvement you could have, and I bet your involvement just might be larger than you thought it could be.
I’ve posted the link twice already in the above paragraphs, but to make it absolutely clear, here it is again!

Download Our Campaign Commitment Decision Guide

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