PG-13: Benefits of Eliminating Pornography

The views expressed in this video are not my own, but the scientific research is fascinating nonetheless. The video is not explicit, but it is not appropriate for children unless you use it as a teaching tool.


As a pastor, I hear the stories all the time.

One more guy is hooked on Internet Pornography. One more wife is struggling with the feeling that her husband is cheating on her.

There are so many proposed solutions especially among Christians. We vilify the behavior and try to convince men that they are doing something wrong in the hopes that their internal sense of good and evil and a good dose of teaching about the Holy Spirit will give them the willpower to say “No” to wrongful clicking. If that doesn’t work, we might try support groups and accountability groups and book studies.

I don’t have time today to analyze these different approaches, but there is one approach I haven’t yet seen—Science. In the video posted above, you can watch a TED talk that includes scientific research into the deleterious effects of Internet Pornography and the benefits of avoiding it. The speaker is clearly not taking a Christian perspective on sexuality, but the research is fascinating nonetheless.

Especially for men, I want to keep the conversation open on this topic so that guys who struggle with this can find strength to put it behind them once and for all.

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One thought on “PG-13: Benefits of Eliminating Pornography

  1. This is an immense problem that is growing! We really need to address this issue because it’s destroying men. Gary Wilson (in the video), and I are publishing a case series in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (later this year) describing men with erectile dysfunction due to excessive pornography use. Porn addiction, similar to video games, is an addiction to digital media that turns the mind and body on with hormones and chemicals. My wife and I travel around the country to speak about this:

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    God Bless you!
    Andrew Doan MD PhD

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