I was (not) in a motorcycle accident

On Monday, August 24, 2009, our local newspaper printed the following:

Accident Closes McCarty For 3 Hours

A Lafayette man was taken to the hospital and McCarty Lane was closed for nearly three hours Sunday night after a motorcycle accident.

According to Officer Nicholas Amor of the Lafayette Police Department, Jeffrey Mikels, 28, of Lafayette crashed his motorcycle while leaving the parking lot of Danzers Show Club, 3481 McCarty Lane, at 7:20 p.m.

“All we know at the moment is that he pulled out of the parking lot and didn’t hit any other vehicles,” said Amor. “When we arrived he was bleeding from the head.”

Mikels was taken to Clarian Arnett Hospital after the accident. Officers at the scene said his injuries do not appear to be life threatening.

After the accident, McCarty Lane between Creasy Lane and U.S. 52 was closed.

Amor said alcohol is not believed to be a factor in the crash, but police will not know for sure until a medical examination is completed.

I have been having people contact me for the past couple of days asking me if I’m ok, but so far no one has called me asking why I was driving out of the Danzers Show Club! Anyway, I’m going on record saying, “That was a different Jeffrey Mikels!” Actually, there are three Jeffrey Mikels in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and one of them has the same middle initial as I.

On top of that, my local namesakes have been busy. Last March, “Jeffrey Mikels” got a divorce (that was published in the paper too), and “Jeffrey Mikels” also has a criminal record (publicly searchable county database).

So, in conclusion, I have not been in a motorcycle accident, have not recently been divorced, have no criminal record, and have never frequented the Danzers Show Club.

However, I did laugh a lot when I read that I had!

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3 thoughts on “I was (not) in a motorcycle accident

  1. Since I don’t get the Lafayette papers, I had no idea that your namesakes had been so busy. I laughed so hard at the unlikelyhood of our Jeff Mikels ever doing these things. However, it must make life a little interesting and uncomfortable for a pastor to share his name with these men. We always pray for you, perhaps we should start praying that these other Jefferys will manage to stay out of trouble!

  2. I love you! I’m not only glad that you weren’t in an accident, but you should be glad that it wasn’t you coming out of that club! Let’s just keep things with this Jeffrey the way they are, OK?

    Just for the record, I am also not the Jennifer Mikels in Lafayette who has turned up a few times. I have never worked in a shoe store, I’m not in any public databases. I’m also not the Jennifer Mikels from some where or other who writes “romance” novels.

    If we both had taken my last name, neither of us would have this problem you know =-).

  3. Also, I should add that these folks who share our names are probably perfectly kind, good people. They just aren’t us. =-)

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