Productivity Experiment #2

I wasn’t really satisfied with my first productivity week, so I’m going to do it again this week. And I’m feeling more intense about it. There’s one major thing coming up in the life of our church that is prompting me to get more productive and it is our WHY campaign. To hear what I have to say about that, click on the link.

Anyway, because I have such high dreams for the WHY campaign, I’m really motivated to get a lot accomplished this week. Here are the big things I want to accomplish:

Church Goals

  • Get my sermon outlines for the next two weeks done by Wednesday
  • Get my sermon for this week completed by Friday.
  • Create a script for the entire morning.
  • Recruit some people for a small group at my house
  • Recruit some people for a small group at the Skylight
  • Make phone calls to 50 households
  • Mail promotional post cards
  • Get an ad in Saturday’s paper.
  • Meet with Greg, Kyle and Josh to continue our triad discipleship group.
  • Pray, pray, pray.

Personal Goals

  • Apply for server job at 4 restaurants.
  • Spend fun time each day with family.
  • Have Saturday 100% off!!
  • Post a blog entry of some kind every day
  • Have my neighbors over for dinner.
  • Get all the family financial records up to date.
  • Re-Install Windows on the kids’ computer. (Is that really necessary?)
  • Set up a home asterisk server to save us on phone charges (all true geeks will know what asterisk is).

What do you think?

So how much of this do you think I can accomplish in one week? Am I shooting too high? Do you think it’s even possible to get this much done? I don’t think I’ve ever done EVERYTHING on my to do list in one week, but it will be interesting to see if I can.

Let me hear what you think. What do you accomplish on your most productive weeks?