WHY Campaign

For 6 weeks, we will be exploring the six biggest questions in life.

  • Why am I here?
  • Why should I believe in God?
  • Why should I trust the Bible?
  • Why is the world so messed up?
  • Why is there such conflict between Science and the Bible?
  • Why Jesus?

It’s going to be a powerful program combining dynamic Sunday worship experiences with casual but deep discussion groups. I’ve been looking forward to it for 3 months now!

In many ways, I’ve been thinking of this 6 week campaign as a re-launch of the church. During the summer, our attendance went down quite a bit, but now that school is starting up again, I’m really hoping that we can get a jump-start on this new year by launching this campaign.

I want every Sunday service to be a real event. More than that, I’m really eager to see us take the life of the church to a new level. Here are my personal dreams for the campaign.

  • That we would get more than 50 people solidly involved in a small group experience.
  • That our Sunday attendance would double.
  • That all our volunteers and campaign directors would be encouraged and excited all the way through.
  • That the campaign would launch us full speed into the Fall.
  • That we’d get a solid small group thing happening combined with memorable Sunday gatherings.

These things are so doable, and I believe God can easily accomplish them all. I’m eager to see it!

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  1. Hi Jeff

    I enjoyed your page very much . It was informative. The “Why Campaign” sounds great. I was wondering if you could foward me the info. where I could purchase it. I would appreciate it if you could do that. Hoping to hear from you soon


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