Uncovered (Revelation Part 2)

The book of Revelation is without question the most fascinating & frustrating book in the Bible. People have been fascinated with the imagery in the book for centuries, but to date no one has been able to successfully decode all of it’s secrets. The irony is that the first word in the original Greek text of this book is a word which means to reveal, disclose, or uncover, but the book is paradoxically “covered up” with grandiose symbolic language.

Perhaps the problem is that we assume the book itself is “covered” in the symbolic language and that we must decode those symbols to “uncover” the meaning of the book.

What if, instead, the book itself is not “covered up”? What if what we see in the book now is all we are meant to see? What if in our efforts to decode the symbols, we have missed the real point of the book?

Check out this series as we dig into the mysteries of Revelation to find the main point glaring back at us with stark obviousness. You’ll never see the book the same way again!

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