How to Be Rich

Because we don’t feel rich, we don’t know if we are rich, so we waste a lot of energy trying to get rich. There’s an interesting passage in the Bible about that, and it comes in two parts in 1 Timothy 6.

See, we live in a world that seems obsessed with getting rich and spending richly, but no one seems to be concerned with the unique requirements placed on people who are rich. No one is interested in what it means to be rich.

In this series, we are going to explore the unique call God has placed on the lives of people who have earthly wealth. We aren’t going to talk about how to get rich, but we are going to talk about a few strongly biblical principles that apply to all of us and especially those of us who have more than we need.

Oh, and one more thing. We’re also going to talk about how a person can know if he or she is rich. I think that one will surprise you!

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