We have just been through a series of lessons in the book of Daniel that were simultaneously comforting and challenging. They were comforting because we learned that God is always in charge and he has a good plan for his people. They were comforting because we learned that God meets his people in the midst of their fiery trials and brings them out to a place of blessing. But the challenging part of the book is the realization that to reach the place of blessing, to meet God in the trial, we must be willing to make decisions that take us into the fiery trials!

However, the problem for us is that even if we know the right decision, that doesn’t make it any easier. Even if we know God will meet us in the trial and lead us through it to a place of blessing, we still don’t want to make that decision.

The Christian life is filled with tough decisions, but we don’t have all the power to make those choices. We need some help.

That’s where the power of leverage comes in!

It makes all the difference.

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