Season of Giving

In the words of Charlie Brown, “Christmas is too commercial!” His words are more true today than they were way back when he first said them.

We live in a world that has taken the celebration of Christmas to absurd commercial extremes. So much money is spent on and made on Christmas that retailers now claim the holiday season is the only reason they can end the year in the black at all! So every Christmas season, we are bombarded with advertisement after advertisement telling us to buy more stuff for people in our life, but also to spend more money on ourselves as well.

Christmas has become a strange mixture of generosity and greed.

Well, it’s time to change that. After all, the story of the gift that we celebrate at Christmas is a story that should inspire us to be givers—givers not merely of money or things that can be bought, but of even more!

In this series, get inspired by the lessons of God’s gifts to us so that we can find it easier and more joyful to be givers ourselves.

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