Top Ten Prayer Requests — December 2005

Jen and I have been regularly sending out our prayer requests every few months or so, and I thought that I’d post our next set on the blog here. God has really been answering some prayers too, so I’ll post some praises first:


  • Jen and I have signed final approval paperwork on our house. As soon as the building permits get approved, they will start the work. Praise God for helping us make those decisions.
  • Greg is continuing to tell people about us and get us contacts with people moving into the area. Praise God for helping us meet him!
  • Packing and move preparations are coming along nicely, and we plan to make the move on January 2! Praise God that Jen enjoys packing!

Our Top Ten Requests for December.

Here are our top ten requests for this next month.

  • That our priorities would be God’s priorities.
  • That God would prepare the hearts of key people in Laf. to receive the gospel.
  • That our funding would jump to the next level soon.
  • That our final month at NWBC would be filled with grace.
  • That our move to Laf. on Jan 2 would go smoothly with good weather.
  • That Charlie would have good good-byes with his friends here in Chicago.
  • That God would guide our decisions about our new home.
  • That we would be able to finalize our church name and incorporation.
  • That we would have wisdom raising our kids.
  • That God would continue to work miracles for his own glory!