What do pastors get paid?

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The Southern Baptist convention does a study each year of church staff compensation based on a number of demographic factors. This year’s study is now online:

2006 SBC Compensation Study

They provide many different ways to view the study data. Choose customized report, enter your church information, and see how nice you treat your pastor compared to what other churches like you are doing.


  1. John B. Abela

    Hey Jeff.

    Intersting stuff!

    Back in January of this year (2006) I did an article entitled “Pastoral Salaries – Or The Lack Thereof” ( http://www.christianblog.com/blog/abelajohnb/pastoral-salaries-or-the-lack-thereof/ ) in which I did a non-official break-down of pastoral salary rates within the Assemblies of God fellowship.

    A friend than did a follow-up of it entitled “Examining Assemblies of God statistics on growth” ( http://tatumweb.com/blog/index.php/2006/01/03/examining-ag-statistics-on-growth/ ).

    Anyway, thought you might enjoy reading what is going on over in our neck of the Kingdom.

    John B. Abela

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