ZOHO — 12 incredible, free, web applications

How do you collaborate with teams through the Internet? Web-based applications are the answer. I’ve found some killer web applications. Read on to find out more!

Web applications have become really hip and not without reason. The things you can do online these days makes purchasing office applications a thing of the past:

Google has a corner on the market for many of these web apps.

One of the hippest companies out there is 37 signals. They have put together some incredible offerings. One of them is called backpack.

Bob Hyatt over at pastorhacks.net has been singing the praises of backpack for quite some time. Backpack was put together by the guys who did Ruby on Rails (if you know what that is) and it is a simple tool for putting todo lists, notes, and all kinds of other personal “stuff” in a web hosted database that looks really cool and is really easy to use.

Well, today, I stumbled across a suite of tools that looks to beat out all the other offerings. It’s called Zoho. They offer web-based applications that don’t look as good on the screen as the others, but they offer more features, and they are free!

  • zohoshow — put together PowerPoint like presentations online!
  • zohowriter — throw out Word. Write your stuff online, blog with it, version track with it, collaborate with it!
  • zohosheet — Just like Excel but through your browser.
  • zohocreator — Put together your own web apps and web-powered databases for free!
  • zohoplanner — does whatever backpack does but free.

Check these out if you are interested in online collaboration or working with teams.

Oh, and if you really like web apps. You might also want to check out ning.com which allows you to create your own social network kind of web applications for free as well.

Other web apps:

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  2. Thanks for trying out Zoho & mentioning it here, Jeff!

    Like with Zoho Planner, expecting feedback from you for all the Zoho apps 🙂

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