This morning, as research for my next sermon series, I watched Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous (a conflation of the terms “religious” and “ridiculous”) and wanted to post just a few thoughts here…

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Feeling Spiritual Can Be Idolatry

Gleaned From: That Worship Feeling. “Sometimes, contemplatives think that the whole end and essence of their [spiritual] life is to be found in meditation and interior peace and the sense of the presence of God. They become attached to these things. But recollection and meditation are just as much creatures as an automobile. The sense […]

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Questions About The Secret

Recently, I got this question from a member of our church and thought my response might help others too. Here’s the question: Jeff- I received an email from a Ukrainian student that was my roommate. She was on the border of accepting Christ but she recently wrote me about how she saw this movie called […]

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