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Okay, so I enjoy working with computers too…

Popple Rocks

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It’s late at night and my wife is asleep on the couch, but I just have to post this before I go to bed. Tonight at the Skylight Coffeehouse in Lafayette, I went to the open mic night as I usually do on Thursdays. Tonight, however, I was actually hosting, and I performed a little bit myself, but we were graced at the end with an act that was just so cool.

The band is called POPPLE, and you have to visit their websites:

You need to watch some of those videos and then come back here to leave a comment.

(Oh, and they are actually doing their music as a Christian Ministry.)

I hope they don’t mind my posting of this rip. (The live version was better.)

Contra by Popple

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Some Game Sites


I’ve had some good responses from my few game postings, so here are a couple of more links to some cool games and sites:

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CSV2SQL script


I was looking around for a script that would easily convert csv files into SQL statements so that I could insert them into a SQL database, but there didn’t seem to be anything out there that was free.

So, I created my own.

It’s a python script, so you’ll need to have python installed to run it. Here it is:

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My own experience with email scams

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Back when I first became a pastor, I got this email and was astounded. It was the first of its kind that I received. I have since learned my lesson, but at the time, I was quite interested. After I did more research, I became concerned about the whole deal and was mostly worried that other pastors might be getting the same emails. So, I put up a page on our church website that sought to raise awareness of this kind of scam. That site may change once I leave Chicago, so I’m pasting the details of that page here as well.

You might also be interested in my other post on an internet scam. click here

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Linux & Making Decisions


OK, so I’m a geek too. I like playing with other operating systems, and I’m especially interested in it now because my old laptop runs just too slowly under Windows 98. It’s been bothering me quite a bit. However, there is a promise that Linux will run faster and with more stability, so I’ve been messing with it.

However, I’ve gotten addicted to it now.

The other day, I was trying to study for my sermon, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my laptop, and so I decided to just journal a little. Here is what I wrote…

>I want to play with Linux because it is something new that I caused to happen. More than something new, it is something powerful and beautiful. It’s free and I want more than anything computerwise to be “liberated” from the conscious awareness of being obligated to someone. I want to have the freedom that comes from a free OS.
>The problem is, of course, that Linux doesn’t help me get anything done. In fact, it is such a distraction! There are so many things that can break, go wrong or be tried that it can easily monopolize my time. The biggest problem of course is selecting a distribution that will really fit the way I want to work and that I will be able to stay with. After all, there are so many different ones, and if I pick one, I will not get all the cool features put out by the other one. The bottom line is that I want to have all of my options open.
>This is the way I work in general. I don’t really like making commitments because there are so many cool options and I only have a limited amount of time to experience them. What if I pick this one and another one turns out to be better?
>Well, it’s time for me to get back to work. I really want to be known as a committed, focused, hard-working person who knows how to relax, let loose and have fun.
>So much for my thoughts today… Maybe I can get something done now.

I want to be more focused in my work, more easy-going with my play and to know the difference.

I want to be able to make clear decisions and stick to them.

(There’s a sermon buried in there somewhere…)

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Following Jesus

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When I taught my first ReNEW class, I realized that I couldn’t assume everyone was on the same page spiritually, so I also created this smaller class session that specifically focused on what it means to begin a journey with Jesus.

I still like this material, but it has proven to be too cumbersome for me when I’m trying to explain the gospel to someone. I’ve shifted my focus to another booklet I’ve prepared called “First Steps”.

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ReNEW Class Materials

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Back in 2001, I developed a concept for an annually recurring class that I would teach in my church every January as a refresher course in church membership to prepare for our “Recommitment Sunday” in the first week of February.

The class I taught in January 2002 contained a great deal of information on my personal philosophy of ministry as well as basic information on membership in our church. Therefore, there is a good amount of material in this edition of the class that is not transferable. However, there remains much that can be gleaned and applied to any church situation.

The following year, I changed the class significantly to focus more on reviewing our core values in the context of table discussions rather than large class lecture. In this format, it is much more transferable to other contexts.

In this above zip file, I include both editions of the class material in MS Word format as well as a PowerPoint file for the original edition.

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LWL 101: Living a Life of Worship

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According to Jesus, the greatest command in all the Bible is this:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength” (Mark 12:30).

In other words, the most important thing for people to work on in their lives is to cultivate a deep love for God that permeates every aspect of their lives. This kind of love is a love that puts God first above everything else. Ultimately, that’s the foundation point of the spiritual life. It’s a life that acknowledges God’s supremacy over everything.

That’s what we mean by “worship.”

Here’s a sample page from the teacher’s edition of the curriculum:

LWL 101 sample page

Recommended Reading:

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