Popple Rocks

It’s late at night and my wife is asleep on the couch, but I just have to post this before I go to bed. Tonight at the Skylight Coffeehouse in Lafayette, I went to the open mic night as I usually do on Thursdays. Tonight, however, I was actually hosting, and I performed a little […]

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Some Game Sites

I’ve had some good responses from my few game postings, so here are a couple of more links to some cool games and sites: www.armorgames.com — flash games jayisgames.com — a blog site reviewing games. Dumb: The Game — test how dumb you are. Room Escape — post a comment if you can escape from […]

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The Multiple Self

You have to be a computer NERD to understand most of what the author talks about in this post, but I found it really interesting to read an unbeliever’s take on the war between the mind and the flesh. http://dirtsimple.org/2005/08/multiple-self.html Jump to my comment on his blog

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CSV2SQL script

I was looking around for a script that would easily convert csv files into SQL statements so that I could insert them into a SQL database, but there didn’t seem to be anything out there that was free. So, I created my own. It’s a python script, so you’ll need to have python installed to […]

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Linux & Making Decisions

OK, so I’m a geek too. I like playing with other operating systems, and I’m especially interested in it now because my old laptop runs just too slowly under Windows 98. It’s been bothering me quite a bit. However, there is a promise that Linux will run faster and with more stability, so I’ve been […]

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Great Fonts

I’ve found some great fonts online that I use on this blog site. If you have Mac OS X on your computer, you already see the right fonts, but if you are using some flavor of Windows or Linux, you may seriously benefit from downloading the OS X font set from Iceman’s Emulation Page. Click […]

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Following Jesus

Download: MSWord File When I taught my first ReNEW class, I realized that I couldn’t assume everyone was on the same page spiritually, so I also created this smaller class session that specifically focused on what it means to begin a journey with Jesus. I still like this material, but it has proven to be […]

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ReNEW Class Materials

Download: MS Word & Powerpoint Files Back in 2001, I developed a concept for an annually recurring class that I would teach in my church every January as a refresher course in church membership to prepare for our “Recommitment Sunday” in the first week of February. The class I taught in January 2002 contained a […]

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LWL 101: Living a Life of Worship

LWL 101 Book Cover Thumbnail


According to Jesus, the greatest command in all the Bible is this:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength” (Mark 12:30).

In other words, the most important thing for people to work on in their lives is to cultivate a deep love for God that permeates every aspect of their lives. This kind of love is a love that puts God first above everything else. Ultimately, that’s the foundation point of the spiritual life. It’s a life that acknowledges God’s supremacy over everything.

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