Tiny Audio Player

My tiny little wavplayer just plays an audio file and then quits. That’s it. Since my voicemail gets emailed to me automatically, I wanted a quick way to just listen to it and have it be done without needing to open some bloated media player for one tiny WAV file. If you want to use […]

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Church Website Redesign

So I’m embarking on a redesign of our church website… Our current website has been in shambles for a while now http://thesouthsidechurch.org and I haven’t taken the time to really fix it. However, there are a few things I want the site to accomplish: Have an attractive, fast-loading initial page that communicates friendliness and “contemporary-ness” […]

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My Home Media System

Last Spring, I wrote a blog article describing my plans to create a “connected home media system.” (It’s the first entry in this category.) It’s been a while, but I thought it was about time to share what I’ve actually done to create the system so far. If you’re interested to read some of my […]

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A new website has recently been created by Justin Carboneau called sharemytestimony.org with the primary purpose of giving people a place to share their personal testimonies online. It’s an interesting concept, and his web design isn’t half bad, but I’m personally unsure of the value such a site might have. From the website: This site […]

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