Questions About The Secret

Recently, I got this question from a member of our church and thought my response might help others too. Here’s the question: Jeff- I received an email from a Ukrainian student that was my roommate. She was on the border of accepting Christ but she recently wrote me about how she saw this movie called […]

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Prayer for the next level

Lord in Heaven, I’m sensing your call to take my steps into a new level of relationship with you. It’s more than a desire in my heart. It’s more than a thought or a notion. It’s a repetitive prompting that you have more for me and a constant reminder that I need it. I’ve washed […]

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Great Weekend… Or Not?

This is just a quick post to say that I had a really fun weekend on one hand and a really bad weekend on the other. At T.G.I. Friday’s (where I just started to work part-time as a waiter), I had a section of two tables only, but in the brief couple hours of lunch, […]

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