Great News II (Romans)

In the previous series called Great News, we worked through the book of Mark to consider the story of the great news of Jesus, however, Mark was very clear knowing the story isn’t enough. People need to commit their lives to Jesus and the great news about him. Of course, Mark never got into the details of what that commitment looks like or how it changes a person’s life. By the time Mark wrote his book, other men were discussing the significance of the life of Jesus and doing it quite well, so Mark left that part up to them.

One of those men was the apostle Paul. In fact, no other person in the early years of the church did as much to unpack the significance of the great news of Jesus as much as Paul, and the book of Romans is his crowning achievement.

Therefore, we start a new series now going through Romans. It’s still all about the great news of Jesus, but this time, we unpack the significance of that news to our lives, we find out how to make the great news a part of our lives, and we learn how the great news should change our lives.

Hold on tight. These waters get rough at times.

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