DOGMA: Understanding the Father

This post is part of a series investigating the most important items of Christian doctrine. View all posts by clicking here or the DOGMA tag above. On Sunday, we addressed the third statement from the Lafayette Community Church Statement of Faith, but before we can look at it, we need to consider the relationship between […]

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Overheard in yesterday’s sermon…

During my message yesterday at Lafayette Community Church, I made reference to a couple psychological researchers who made presentations at the TED conference regarding happiness and freedom and choice. The two researchers are Dan Gilbert and Barry Schwartz. Linked here are the videos where they explain the results of their research: Barry Schwartz, The Paradox […]

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What is “it”?

Some people have “it.” Some people don’t. Some people get “it.” Some people won’t. Recently, I have been teaching a series of messages on what it means to have “it” as a believer. I mean, when you consider that Christians have a direct line of access to the God of the Universe, doesn’t it make […]

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