Cooperation Makes for a Good Day

Found at this other blog. Quoting the original article: This unexpected, spontaneous, and scripted dance (aka Flash dance) was performed by over twenty thousand people. How did they do it? Planners recruited 800 people using Facebook and Twitter Choreographers taught a simple dance to these 800 “dancers” Dancers were planted amongst the crowd, who then […]

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Helping People Resolve Conflict

When two people are in conflict with each other, bringing about resolution can be difficult. However, when two Christians are in conflict, the process of reconciliation should not be as hard as it is. In conflict situations, I like to ask a few questions: Describe all the sin in this conflict. Who has committed sin […]

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New Church Brochures

I just finished putting together two new church brochures for our Grand Opening service on Sunday. By the way, if you haven’t heard yet, we are changing our church name to Lafayette Community Church. Read About It Here. I’m uploading both brochures here for your use if you want. LCC Baptism Brochure LCC Information Brochure

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Postcard ideas for Choose Well

I’m working on some postcard ideas for my October series… Your comments are welcome! CHOOSE WELL – Series Concept Title: Choose Well Subtitle: { four questions to guarantee good choices } Felt need: Whether it’s during the time of an election or not, people feel a sense of anxiety when it comes to making decisions. […]

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2008 State of the Union Address

I just read the transcript for President Bush’s State of the Union Address before Congress and I must say that I was rather impressed. I have never known the man to deliver a riveting speech, but the text of this address is profound nonetheless. He of course reports on the various successes that his programs […]

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Productivity Experiment #2

I wasn’t really satisfied with my first productivity week, so I’m going to do it again this week. And I’m feeling more intense about it. There’s one major thing coming up in the life of our church that is prompting me to get more productive and it is our WHY campaign. To hear what I […]

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Productivity: July 23, 2007

Here is my activity/productivity list for the day: Devotional study of Psalm 116 (BI: Those who know God’s salvation respond with love.) — 30 minutes Prayer bike ride through a new neighborhood — 60 minutes Blog about my productivity experiment — 40 minutes Work on processing audio for Sunday’s sermon — 25 minutes Make lunch […]

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How Productive Can I Be?

I’m entering into a week of experimentation. I’m experimenting with myself to see how productive I can be. Just yesterday, I preached a message on how we can actually find fulfillment in our pains and struggles, and I was thinking that something uncomfortable for me is the bearing down into a routine of productivity. Along […]

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